Historical Non-Fiction

Complete list of non-fiction works:

Robin Hood: The Unknown Templar. (September 2009)
Pity for the Guy - a biography of Guy Fawkes. (October 2010)
The Gothic King - a biography of Henry III. (March 2013)
A Hidden History of the Tower of London: England's Most Notorious Prisoners. (February 2020)
King John, Henry III and England’s Lost Civil War. (July 2021)
Castles of England. (September 2021)
Castles of Wales. (February 2022)

A Hidden History of the Tower of London: England's Most Notorious Prisoners


Famed as the ultimate penalty for traitors, heretics and royalty alike, being sent to the Tower is known to have been experienced by no less than 8,000 unfortunate souls. Many of those who were imprisoned in the Tower never returned to civilisation and those who did, often did so without their head! It is hardly surprising that the Tower has earned itself a reputation among the most infamous buildings on the planet. ...more

The Gothic King - a Biography of Henry III


John Paul Davis brings all his forensic skills and insights to the grand story of the Gothic King in this, the only biography in print of one of our most remarkable monarchs. ...more

Pity For The Guy - a Biography of Guy Fawkes


This is the first biography of Guy Fawkes to paint a detailed portrait of the man behind the infamous 1605 Gunpowder Plot. For hundreds of years he has been portrayed as an extreme figure, a rabid Catholic who not only tried to blow up Parliament but threatened the English way of life early in the reign of James I. ...more

Robin Hood: The Unknown Templar


Robin Hood: The Unknown Templar will be of keen interest to anyone who has been intrigued by the myth and will make fascinating reading for those with their own theories of Robin’s true identity. ...more