Standalone Thrillers

Complete list of standalones are:

The Templar Agenda (UK Top 20 Bestseller)
The Larmenius Inheritance
The Plantagenet Vendetta (UK Top 200 Bestseller)
The Cromwell Deception

The Templar Agenda


A Swiss banker is found murdered, the latest in a string of murders whose victims had connections to the Vatican. Their killers: a secret society whose members include some of the most influential men on the planet. They are the inheritors of the Knights Templar: an ancient brotherhood of warrior monks who once fought for the preservation of the Church in dangerous times.

But in whose name do they act now? ...more

The Larmenius Inheritance


Esteemed history professor William Anson is found murdered in La Rochelle. Around his neck, an ancient medallion, one that has not been seen since 1307. He is the grandmaster of the Knights of Arcadia: a society of men deemed worthy. His killers, a ruthless brotherhood, whose existence is equally legendary.

And they will not rest until they have reclaimed what was once theirs. ...more

The Plantagenet Vendetta


ENGLAND 1485: They were called the Sons of York. They were secretly created during the final hours of the reign of Richard III. Their sole purpose to hunt down and eliminate the descendents of his murderer.

By any means necessary. ...more

The Cromwell Deception


February 1649: As the dust settles on the English Civil War, only one objective remains unfulfilled before Oliver Cromwell’s total victory over the monarchy is complete. For over four hundred years the Crown jewels of England have been held safely in the Tower of London, yet in the coming days they are removed, never to be seen in public again. Government receipts confirm the jewels have been sold and melted down.

Only one man knows the truth… ...more