The Rosicrucians

Johannes Valentinus Andreae

Reputedly the author of the Chymical Wedding, Andreae was a German theologian and member of the so-called Tübingen Circle, which included the Anhalts, Adam Haslmayr and Heinrich Khunrath. Born in 1586 to revered Lutheran parents, Andreae was following in big footsteps, his grandfather having been a pioneer of the Reformation. In his autobiography, he claimed responsibility for penning the third manifesto in 1605 as a form of satire and later mocked the Fama in the parody mentioned in my novel.

Irrespective of Andreae’s connection with the Rosicrucian furore, he was a prominent member, quite possibly the founder, of the protestant utopian movement that spread throughout Europe in the 1620s. In keeping with the suggestion in this book that the Christian Unions later led to the formation of the Invisible College, it is widely known that the movement spread into England under the guidance of Samuel Hartlib, thus confirming a connection.