Templar Mysteries

History tells us that following the dissolution of the Knights Templar in 1312, and the execution of its final grandmaster two years later, the order ceased to exist. Nevertheless, since that time, stories of their continued existence have thrived. Some of these I have touched on in my work.

The topic of Templar survival has been of fascination for authors for at least three centuries. In particular, the last forty years has seen something of a blitz on new research, but sadly during that time, the line between history and fiction has become increasingly blurred. The trend, beginning in the Middle Ages, linking the order with the Holy Grail has proven particularly inspiring, though precisely what the grail was is anyone’s guess. It is often said that there are as many grail theories as there are grails.

In the eyes of many mainstream historians, the possibility of a Templar continuation is seldom given much respect; even its suggestion has sadly become labelled as a form of career suicide in certain circles. In reality, the argument is a positive one, an answer to which is by no means clear-cut. From a fiction point of view the conspiracy theories are fantastic, and researching them and including them in The Templar Agenda and The Larmenius Inheritance has been a pleasure. But proving them is another matter. In the case of those novels, I stretched history to the limit. For the interested reader, it is worth pointing out that evidence to suggest that the Knights Templar continued to exist in one form or another following their dissolution is easy enough to find, even without forged documents like the Larmenius Charter.

This section attempts to provide an accessible overview of just some of the theories!