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ENGLAND 1485: They were called the Sons of York. They were secretly created during the final hours of the reign of Richard III. Their sole purpose to hunt down and eliminate the descendents of his murderer.

By any means necessary.

OVER FIVE HUNDRED YEARS LATER the long reign of King James III of England comes to an unexpected end. Less than a week later, the bodies of two cabinet ministers are discovered in a burning car. Though the deaths of all three are initially assumed to be unconnected, a chance arrest in London yields a bizarre confession. And a sinister warning…

Thomas Winchester has been waging war on the enemies of his family ever since graduating from Sandhurst. Youngest nephew of the King, he is celebrated as one of MI5’s finest agents – the only man capable of taking on the Royal Family’s biggest crisis in recent memory.

Meanwhile, a quiet village in the North York Moors mourns a tragic loss. A young girl has vanished, allegedly the victim of a deranged boy who later committed suicide. A year on, television researcher Jennifer Farrelly is sent to follow up the story. The body was never found, and the girl’s parents have not given up hope of finding her alive.

A locked door in the medieval vaults of a remote Yorkshire church hides something strange: something with the potential to expose a previously untold chapter of England’s darkest history. As Farrelly’s search for the truth causes her to unwittingly cross paths with that of the royals, she and Winchester have no choice but to form a unique alliance to uncover a secret many have died to protect – a secret that still threatens the very foundation of the monarchy…

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