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The Templars in Yorkshire

London aside, Yorkshire was the most important of the English Templar communities, and also the largest. In total 10 Templar preceptories existed in that county: Copmanthorpe, Cowton, Faxfleet, Foulbridge, Hirst, Newsam, Penhill, Ribston, Westerdale and Wetherby, 4 of which were found in the West Riding, close to Barnsdale. The Templar Church at Campsall and the mill at Burghwallis were also merely a stone’s throw from the Saylis. Based on the evidence from the trials after their arrests, the Templars of Yorkshire travelled between preceptories regularly and would have been well known to one another. According to the surviving records, most Templars were from the local area as indicated by their ‘locative’ names, for example, Richard de Ripon. In total the Templars had land in over 70 vills (taxable units) in Yorkshire, making it the most profitable county. Strangely, little of this seems to have survived the inquisition. Of the remaining Templars, only 18 were arrested from the ten preceptories.