Ballads Of Robin Hood

Robin Hood and Guy of Gisborne (Child Ballad 118)

Medieval Ballad concerning the sheriff's attempts to capture Robin Hood using bounty hunter Guy of Gisborne ...more

Robin Hood and the Monk (Child Ballad 119)

Possibly the oldest ballad in existence. Little John must rescue his master from the clutches of the sheriff after Robin is betrayed by a monk ...more

Robin Hood and the Potter (Child Ballad 121)

Early ballad involving Robin Hood switching roles with a potter whom he meets in Sherwood Forest. Robin uses his guise to fool the sheriff ...more

Adam Bell, Clim of the Clough, and William of Cloudesley (Child Ballad 116)

Though not of Robin Hood, this 15th century ballad is of similar nature, telling the story of outlaws of good intention. Set in Cumbria, outlaws Adam Bell and Clim of Clough embark on a dangerous mission to help save their friend William of Cloudesley after he is captured in Carlisle. ...more

Robyn and Gandelyn (Child Ballad 115)

Early ballad, possibly of Robin Hood, though its content makes this unclear ...more

Robin Hood and the Butcher (Child Ballad 122)

Percy Folio ballad, largely reminiscent of the Potter ballad. Versions A and B are both included ...more

Robin Hood and the Curtal Friar (Child Ballad 123)

Famous ballad of Robin Hood's meeting with a friar, usually Friar Tuck in later versions. Both versions included ...more

The Jolly Pinder of Wakefield (Child Ballad 124)

Percy Folio ballad. Robin's attempts to enter Wakefield are hindered by a vigilant pinder who attempts to charge a toll ...more

Robin Hood and Little John (Child Ballad 125)

Famous ballad of Robin Hood's meeting with Little John on a bridge. 18th century origin ...more

Robin Hood and the Tanner (Child Ballad 126)

Robin espies a tanner named Arthur a Bland ...more

Robin Hood and the Tinker (Child Ballad 127)

Robin espies a tinker charged with the task of bringing in the outlaw Robin Hood ...more

Robin Hood and the Newly Revived (Child Ballad 128)

Robin Hood meets Will Scarlet for the first time ...more

Robin Hood and the Prince of Aragon (Child Ballad 129)

Robin Hood, Little John and Will Scadlock smite giants to rescue a damsel. Scadlock marries the damsel ...more

Robin Hood and the Scotchman (Child Ballad 130)

Robin Hood gets entangled with a vicious Scot. Both versions ...more

Robin Hood and the Ranger (Child Ballad 131)

Robin Hood has a chance meeting with a ranger of the forest ...more

The Bold Pedlar and Robin Hood (Child Ballad 132)

Alternative to Robin Hood and the Newly Revived ...more

Robin Hood and the Shepherd (Child Ballad 135)

Robin Hood espies a shepherd in the forest ...more

Robin Hood's Delight (Child Ballad 136)

Robin Hood, Little John and Will Scarlock espy three foresters. On this occasion they drink in an inn rather than fight ...more

Robin Hood and the Pedlars (Child Ballad 137)

Robin Hood, Little John and Will Scarlet fight with three pedlars ...more

Robin Hood's Progress to Nottingham (Child Ballad 139)

A young Robin Hood is outlawed after an encounter with local foresters ...more

Robin Hood Rescuing Three Squires (Child Ballad 140)

Percy Folio ballad, Robin Hood rescues three innocent men from execution. All three versions included ...more

Robin Hood Rescuing Will Stutly (Child Ballad 141)

Percy Folio ballad. In this tale, Robin rescues one of his men from execution ...more

Little John a Begging (Child Ballad 142)

Percy Folio ballad. Little John espies four men pretending to be beggars. For their treachery, he takes their ill-gotten gains ...more

Robin Hood and the Bishop (Child Ballad 143)

Robin Hood espies a wealthy bishop and captures him to teach him a lesson ...more

Robin Hood and the Bishop of Hereford (Child Ballad 144)

Robin plays mischief on the Bishop. Both versions ...more

Robin Hood and Queen Katherine (Child Ballad 145)

Percy Folio ballad, Set in the reign of Henry VIII, Robin Hood wins an archery tournament for Queen Katherine after she makes a wager with the King. All three versions included ...more

Robin Hood's Chase (Child Ballad 146)

Robin Hood flees across country to escape King Henry, but he is spared on the insistence of the queen ...more

Robin Hood's Golden Prize (Child Ballad 147)

Robin Hood waylays two priests, neither of whom claim to have any money. Robin forces them to stay with him and pray for money. When he later finds five hundred pounds he leaves them fifty pound each for praying so hard ...more

The Noble Fisherman (Child Ballad 148 - also named Robin Hood's Preferment)

Robin is mocked for his ability as a fisherman but later thwarts French pirates and steals their loot ...more

Robin Hood's Birth, Breeding, Valor and Marriage (Child Ballad 149)

Robin Hood, nephew to the squire, marries Clorinda the Queen of the shepherds ...more

Robin Hood and Maid Marian (Child Ballad 150)

A rare story involving Robin Hood and Maid Marian ...more

The King's Disguise and Friendship with Robin Hood (Child Ballad 151)

King Richard I sounds out Robin Hood, disguising himself as an abbot, and meets the outlaw. Robin receives a pardon for his outlawry and agrees to serve the king at court ...more

Robin Hood and the Golden Arrow (Child Ballad 152)

Famous scene where the Sheriff of Nottingham attempts to lure Robin Hood into a trap by holding an archery tournament ...more

Robin Hood and the Valiant Knight (Child Ballad 153)

Robin fights with a knight in the employ of the sheriff. He is taken ill after the fight and a monk bleeds him to death ...more

A True Tale of Robin Hood (Child Ballad 154)

Famous 16th Century ballad, written by Martin Parker. Effectively the same outlaw as the Gest only now as Earl of Huntingdon in the reign of Richard I ...more