The Templars

The Templar Grand Masters

The role of the Grand Master differed little from any other society at the time. As the head of the Templars, the Grand Master was based in Outremer and carried out the duties set out according to Rule. Unlike a monarch, the Templar Grand Master was a democratic appointment that usually continued till death.

According to the Templar Rule, each recruit was required to pledge total obedience to the Grand Master. Many Templar Grand Masters acted as advisors to the most powerful monarchs of Europe, and following the issue of the Omne Datum Optimum each Templar Grand Master was answerable only to the Pope.

1118-1136 Hugues de Payens
1136-1146 Robert de Craon
1146-1149 Everard de Barres
1149-1153 Bernard de Tromelai
1153-1156 Andre de Montbard
1156-1169 Bertrand de Blanchefort
1169-1171 Philip de Milly
1171-1179 Odo de St Amand
1179-1184 Arnold de Toroga
1185-1189 Gerard de Ridefort
1191-1193 Robert de Sable
1193-1200 Gilbert Erail
1201-1208 Philip de Plessiez
1209-1219 William de Chartres
1219-1230 Pedro de Montaigu
1231?-1244 Armond de Perigord
1245-1247 Richard de Bures
1247-1250 William de Sonnac
1250-1256 Reynald de Vichiers
1256-1273 Thomas Berard
1273-1291 William de Beaujeu
1291-1293 Tibaud de Gaudin
1293-1314 Jacques de Molay