Guy Fawkes

The Hatchings of the Gunpowder Plot

Guy returned to Brussels in March 1604 having witnessed the failure of the Spanish Treason. On his return, Guy learned that Thomas Wintour had been seeking him out on behalf of Robert Catesby from England. Judging by Guy’s confessions in the aftermath of the Gunpowder Plot, Wintour probably told him much of their plans from the start. Soon after, Guy returned to England for the first time in ten years and was introduced to Catesby for the first time. In May 1604 Guy was one of five attendees at a meeting at a secluded house located near the Strand, where the hatching of the gunpowder plot took place. Along with Robert Catesby was Jack Wright, brother of Kit and former school friend of Guy, and Thomas Percy, kin of the Earl of Northumberland. Away from prying eyes, the five desperate men swore an oath of secrecy of what they were about to undertake before celebrating Mass in the company of a Jesuit, probably Father John Gerard.