Guy Fawkes

Coming of Age

According to recent speculation, Guy married a Mary Pulleyn in 1590 and fathered a child, Thomas, in 1591. The inclusion of these entries in the International Genealogy Index, compiled by the Church of the Latter-Day Saints, is dubious and cannot be backed up by a contemporary source. Evidence that Mary Pulleyn, born in 1569, even existed cannot be verified, as it is also absent from Catharine Pulleyn’s family history of 1915.

In 1591, at the age of 21, Guy inherited his father’s estates which he leased to a Christopher Lumley, a tailor from York, a man well known to Guy having witnessed his uncle’s will in 1581. Less than eleven months later, Guy sold what remained of his inheritance to Anne Skipsey, a spinster from Clifton. According to the document, Guy was living back in York, rather than Scotton. Later that year his mother, and step-father, signed a quit deed legally excluding themselves from any future right to the late Edward Fawkes’s former possessions.

Within a year of leaving Yorkshire, Guy appeared at Cowdray House in Sussex, looking for employment. At the time Cowdray was the estate of the 1st Viscount Montague, Anthony Browne, a fiery Catholic Lord who had previously been close to Queen Mary. Evidently, Guy lasted only briefly due to Montague taking a dislike to him. Despite the setback, Guy later returned to Cowdray, this time as a footman to the 2nd viscount, Anthony-Maria, the first viscount’s grandson. Among Guy’s co-workers was a man named Spence, Montague’s steward, and Guy’s relative. Montague was also related to Robert Catesby.